On the most recent episode of High Stakes Poker, Jennifer Tilly Didn’t Get a Break

Actress Jennifer Tilly appeared in the role of an unlucky poker player on Tuesday’s episode. The fourth episode of Season 10 brought some juicy pots and good banter at the table. Chino Rheem came out swinging after taking some hands.

Ema Zajmovic paid off a $20,000 bet on the river with a 10-high flush against Rheem’s king-high flush, and Jean-Robert Bellande lost to a small pair at showdown after failing to trigger on a river bluff with ace-high against Matt Hanks in a $100,000 pot. However, Tilly was the main focus of this action-packed episode.

During the show’s 45 minutes, Jennifer Tilly came to play poker

Went through a lot of ups and downs. She played a monster pot against Bellande, and while she won some pots and lost some, the biggest ones didn’t go her way.

In that hand, with an $800 ride on and a couple of limpers in the pot, the Lady of Chucky star made it $10,000 from the little visually impaired with {9-Hearts} {9-Clubs}. As it were “JRB,” who was holding {6-Spades} {6-Hearts} in the enormous visually impaired, called.

Bellande was dealt middle set by the flop, which was “2-Clubs-10-Spades-6-Clubs.” Tilly, who didn’t do better on that flop, bet $15,000, and this is where the hand started to go wrong. Tilly came in for an aggressive re-raise to $125,000, making her pocket pair a bluff, after Bellande increased it to $40,000.

In no-limit Texas Hold’em, aggression often pays off

But not when your opponent has the second nuts. Bellande moved all in immediately for $281,000, and the stacks of both players were nearly identical. Tilly was left with only the option of folding her hand at that point.

The Hollywood actress bet $10,000 on a hand against Rheem with “k-Hearts” and “6-Hearts” on a board of “3-Spades” and “4-Clubs” and “2-Hearts” and “8-Hearts,” giving her a flush and straight draw. However, her opponent raised the pot to $25,000 when she flopped a pair of deuces.

With 12 outs, Tilly decided to make the call and hit “k-Spades,” the worst card in the deck for her hand against a set. She paid off Rheem’s $21,000 wager and then learned the bad news.

However, Tilly did not lose every hand she played. When Bobby Baldwin failed to connect on his straight draw, she flopped two pairs against him in another hand and won a $60,000 pot.

“The Magician” Returns to Action Poker GO teased the show on Tuesday, which will feature a minor but significant shift at the table, at the conclusion of Episode 4. The fact that Antonio Esfandiari will appear in the game should result in some activity.

Since becoming a father, “The Magician” has mostly retired from poker and not played much in recent years. Esfandiari was a normal on High Stakes Poker during the show’s initial a very long time on Game Show Organization during the 2000s.

Numerous old-school pros, including Doyle Brunson, Phil Ivey, and Daniel Negreanu, will appear later in the season. The legendary broadcaster Gabe Kaplan, who retired and was replaced by Nick Schulman, has already undergone significant changes for the tenth season.

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